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Narrative of a Ten Years' Residence at Tripoli in Africa

Published 1816
Authors Dornbush, Tully
Editor Faulkner, Thomas
Title Narrative of a Ten Years' Residence at Tripoli in Africa: from the Original Correspondence in the Possession of the Family of the Late Richard Tully, Esq. the British Consul. Comprising Authentic Memoirs and Anecdotes of the Reigning Bashaw, His Family, and Other Persons of Distinction; also, an Account of the Domestic Manners of the Moors, Arabs, and Turks. Illustrated with a Map and Several Coloured Plates.
Publisher’s imprint London: Printed for Henry Colburn, British and Foreign Public Library, Conduit Street, Hanover Square. 1816.
Printer’s colophon Printed by Cox and Baylis, Great Queen Street, Lincoln’s-Inn-Fields.
Format 4o; 1 vol.: pp. xiii. [2]. 370, plates; map
Sources CHLS; NSTC 2T17979; Robinson; OCLC 222419978
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  1. T.p. epigraph: [Mi giovera narrare altrui / Le novità vedute, e dir, io fui.]; from Torquato Tasso, Gerusalemme Liberata (1581), canto 15, st. 38.

  2. ‘Written by the sister of the late Richard Tully’ (preface, 1st edn); 'sister-in-law' (2nd and 3rd edns).

  3. Editions: 1817(2nd), Paris 1819 (trans. of 2nd; as Voyage à Tripoli), 1819 (3rd; as Letters Written During a Ten Years' Residence at the Court of Tripoli)

  4. Reviews: New Monthly Mag., no. 31 (1 Aug. 1816): 57; Critical Rev. 4 (Aug. 1816): 143-56; Christian Observer 16.187 (July 1817): 452-67; Eclectic Rev., n.s. 8 (Nov. 1817): 430-40; Monthly Repertory 8, n.s. (Mar. 1820): 224-32 [3rd ed.]; London Literary Gaz., no. 172 (Sat., 6 May 1820): 294-96 [3rd ed.].

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Genre Narrative
BTW record no. BTW1188
Region Tripoli

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